The World of Crazy Sushi, in Pictures.

I’m a huge fan of sushi! I can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When I lived in Sydney I would have it at least twice a week, and during my film days I would travel to L.A. several times a year and the very first thing I would do after checking in at the Chateau Marmont would be hitting Sushi on Sunset, and refuel. My very favorite is the sea-urchin sushi followed by the California Roll, which is filled with avocado, cucumber, grilled salmon skin, one ginseng root, a little sushi rice to bind the ingredients and wrapped with a toasted nori seaweed sheet. Add a little Wasabi mustard and you’re in heaven!

California Roll, above. Quite a few sushi places serve it inside out, but I prefer this version.

Below are quite a few pics I have “stolen” from the various sushi sites I visit. Note that there seem to be a mania for bizarre shapes and novel ways to present it.

I’m still working on the cannelloni post, with pictures.

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