“Lavender is the soul of Provence” – Jean GIONO

Close your eyes and breathe deep – your senses tell you you are now hovering above Provence! The heady scent of lavender is strongest in the heart of the summer, from mid-June to early August is when the fine stalks wave in the wind, blue prairies stretched as far as the eye can see. Lavender fields cover the high plateaux in the Sault area, at the base of Mont Ventoux. Lavender grows in the Apt area, in the Luberon and in the Valréas Enclave and bloom from late June to mid October, depending on the area and the seasonal weather. Best is from the last week in June through July. It is harvested from July to September. Lavender is a Mediterranean plant and is the most popular of aromatic plants known for its perfume and therapeutic virtues. The Romans already used it for its olfactory qualities. Moreover, the word “Lavender” comes from de verb “laver” that means to wash. Personally, I spray bed sheets before falling asleep at night, and I use it as an aftershave in the morning. I am addicted to eau de lavande!

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