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Big Oil Still Attempts to Destroy World’s Most Biodiverse Rainforest

I have walked in a few rainforests in my lifetime, mostly in Australia and Indonesia. I would never forget the time I spent trekking through the majestic Kakadu National Park trails and being entranced by the amazingly luscious layers of … Continue reading

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Murdoch Does a Houdini!

Ever since the discovery that journalists on the News of the World had been hacking cell phone messages, Rupert Murdoch, now entering his ninth decade, is still firmly in control of his media empire while facing the biggest crisis of … Continue reading

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World Media Views on the Democratic Convention

The first thing I noticed watching the DNC last week is the diversity of its attendees: whites (yes, they were quite a few), African Americans, Latinos, Asians, American Indians, students, seniors, gays, straights, progressives and moderates and perhaps even the … Continue reading

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How the World Viewed the Republican Convention

Unless you were sleeping under a hollow rock, you would have heard about the Republican Convention held in Tampa a couple of weeks ago. I spent a few hours going around the world’s newspapers to see how they viewed the … Continue reading

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The Abortion Divide Across Both Sides of the Atlantic

There has been quite a bit of heated discussions on the abortion divide during the last month, fueled on the one hand by the usual turgid Republican stance on it and on the other by Rep Akin’s insane pronouncement on … Continue reading

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The Big Drought

The end is nigh! Well not quite but we are nearing the point of no return if politicians keep sitting on the climate change fence in this US election year! In the summer of 2012, scorching heat and no rain … Continue reading

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The Not So Private Life of Citizen Murdoch

There isn’t much new personal light shed on octogenarian Rupert Murdoch, except that his own conduct of business affairs is splashed all over the media outlets on a daily basis, with the latest developments of the News Corp empire, also … Continue reading

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Droughts, Crops Failures & Republican Dystopia

A summer of drought and wildfires has dramatically hit crops across the USA this year, which will undoubtedly lead to a dramatic price rise on the international commodity markets resulting with a knock-on effect in higher prices of consumer goods. … Continue reading

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Lobster Thermidor: Not a Recipe! Just History.

Reading up on the aftermath of the French revolution I was reminded of Napoleon’s immortal words “the Gregorian calendar shall be restored throughout the French Empire as from tomorrow, 1st of January 1806″, and with this simple decree it closed … Continue reading

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Speculators Playing God with Food Distribution

Some three years ago I wrote a little noticed diary about speculators pushing up food prices and its sister piece, Panic Buying from Speculators: Casino Capitalism, both dealing with what I call artificial food insecurity. Reading the latest on The United … Continue reading

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