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A Culinary Tour of the Maghreb

When I turned seventeen, as part of having successfully finished my end of school exam, one of my uncle took me to Tunisia for a week of R&R. That same uncle had taken me to Senegal a few years earlier, … Continue reading

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The Pope of Gastronomy

I’ll say it right from the start: I blame Fernand Point for my appreciation of great food, and some of my girth, even though I have never met him! When I was eight or nine my favorite aunt packed me … Continue reading

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On a Bright Sunny Day, December 17th 1970…

On a bright sunny day in December 1970, exactly a year to the day after my arrival in Australia, I opened up the immodestly named Juillet Restaurant in Macleay Street, Potts Point, Sydney. That particular road to proprietorship was indeed … Continue reading

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Christmas in Provence: History and Recipes!

In Provence our Christmas season begins on 4th December, the day of St. Barbe (yes, we do have a Saint named Barbe, nothing to do with a beard though), with the ritual sowing of wheat and lentils on shallowdishes to … Continue reading

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On Strangely Esoteric & Exotic Foodstuffs….

Having lived on three continents and visited the other two, during my travels I have come across some strange chow upon my plate. This is not going to have recipes but rather a recollection of some of what is now … Continue reading

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Foraging: Living Off the Fat of the Land

Noun 1. foraging – the act of searching for food and provisions. The prices of staple foods such as rice & wheat could stay high for the next three years, hindering the battle against poverty, a top World Bank official … Continue reading

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The Not So Private Life of Citizen Murdoch

There isn’t much new personal light shed on octogenarian Rupert Murdoch, except that his own conduct of business affairs is splashed all over the media outlets on a daily basis, with the latest developments of the News Corp empire, also … Continue reading

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The Skinny on the Full Irish and my own Patrick’s Day

With Patrick’s Day just around the corner it’s time to clear up the meaning of Full Irish, and it’s not what you thought in the first place! Full Irish means a hefty breakfast taken on an empty stomach the morning … Continue reading

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Another Odd Couple: Gruyère & Goat Cheese

I love cheese! A few weeks ago I posted The Odd Couple: Roquefort and Brie. Today is the turn of another two. According to both historical resources and common sense, it is understood that the first cheese was perhaps made … Continue reading

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The Amazing Wonders of Garlic, plus Recipes!

“I’ve got information man! New shit has come to light!” as the Dude iterates in the seminal “The Big Lebowski”. Well, new research on the properties of garlic has come to light and as your grandmother kept saying throughout your … Continue reading

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