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One of the Oldest Recipe on Record: Gingered Chicken Soup with Red Lentils

Browsing a Chinese food blog last night, I was reading about one of the world’s oldest recipe with great interest, a gingered chicken soup with lentils, a godsend for those of us who have the symptoms of an early cold. … Continue reading

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The Pope of Gastronomy

I’ll say it right from the start: I blame Fernand Point for my appreciation of great food, and some of my girth, even though I have never met him! When I was eight or nine my favorite aunt packed me … Continue reading

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How to Make a Provencal Olive Tart, Anchovies Optional…

Provence, once upon a time, was populated about fifty thousand years ago by the Neanderthals, and was still valued in the Neolithic period and the Iron Age. Later it was part of Gaul, the land of the Voconces tribe and … Continue reading

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Bitter Lemons, Mediterranean Musings and Two Recipes

I’m a big fan of Lawrence Durrell’s writings, and in particular of his travel books. I’ve reread “Bitter Lemon” recently and it led me to read a raft of Mediterranean writers, some I worshiped as a young man like Camus, Moravia, … Continue reading

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Tales from the Larder: Pleasant Persian Surprises

Many food writers seem to neglect Persian food (well, except this guy here, written some time ago under my not so clever handle, Asinus Asinum Fricat, originally a piece for Daily Kos) and I would surmise that because it is … Continue reading

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About Diet Fads & a Great (Healthy) Salad Recipe!

With the new year now firmly with us one can not avoid reading about resolutions ad nauseum in magazines, television programs or online, particularly on the social networks. The number one resolution has not changed for donkey years: losing weight … Continue reading

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The Not So Private Life of Citizen Murdoch

There isn’t much new personal light shed on octogenarian Rupert Murdoch, except that his own conduct of business affairs is splashed all over the media outlets on a daily basis, with the latest developments of the News Corp empire, also … Continue reading

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Rice, its History and 3 Knockout Recipes

Firstly, rice is that rare food which is gluten-free, though one has to be careful when reading labels: some producers use various coatings to enrich it and I would suggest to check carefully if you are gluten-intolerant. Since white rice … Continue reading

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Lobster Thermidor: Not a Recipe! Just History.

Reading up on the aftermath of the French revolution I was reminded of Napoleon’s immortal words “the Gregorian calendar shall be restored throughout the French Empire as from tomorrow, 1st of January 1806″, and with this simple decree it closed … Continue reading

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The Very Cool World of Ice-Creams & Sorbets

With the summer coming around the corner it’s time to take a look at ice-creams and sorbets. Ice cream as a dairy delight was probably “discovered” in the 1600’s, according to several books but none of them actually agree as … Continue reading

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