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Smart Times or How I learned to Get the Better of my Refrigerator, a Tiny Play in one Act.

This mini play, a homage to both Arthur C Clarke and Stanley Kubrick, is set in a kitchen, a modern job filled with blond wood, black marble and stainless steel. Personnel: Fredo, a brand new “smart”, interactive refrigerator with attitude … Continue reading

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How to Make a Provencal Olive Tart, Anchovies Optional…

Provence, once upon a time, was populated about fifty thousand years ago by the Neanderthals, and was still valued in the Neolithic period and the Iron Age. Later it was part of Gaul, the land of the Voconces tribe and … Continue reading

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One Delicious Summer Recipe

I haven’t written much as we are in the midst of a heatwave which is highly unusual in Eire. A great change from incessant rain but it does have its downside: it’s hard to concentrate and sit in front of … Continue reading

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Meanderings on Supermarket Duping, Reading Labels and Eating Simply

By now you will all have heard about the “horse meat” scandal still unfurling all over Europe. Though there is nothing wrong with horse meat (in fact it’s leaner, sweeter, tender, low in fat and higher in protein than beef) … Continue reading

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Monsanto Unmasked!

A European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) scientist has just discovered that major GM crops and products the regulatory agency has been approving for commercial release over the past 20 years contain a potentially dangerous virus gene. Sounds familiar? Read the … Continue reading

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Big Oil Still Attempts to Destroy World’s Most Biodiverse Rainforest

I have walked in a few rainforests in my lifetime, mostly in Australia and Indonesia. I would never forget the time I spent trekking through the majestic Kakadu National Park trails and being entranced by the amazingly luscious layers of … Continue reading

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Foraging: Living Off the Fat of the Land

Noun 1. foraging – the act of searching for food and provisions. The prices of staple foods such as rice & wheat could stay high for the next three years, hindering the battle against poverty, a top World Bank official … Continue reading

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Murdoch Does a Houdini!

Ever since the discovery that journalists on the News of the World had been hacking cell phone messages, Rupert Murdoch, now entering his ninth decade, is still firmly in control of his media empire while facing the biggest crisis of … Continue reading

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The Big Drought

The end is nigh! Well not quite but we are nearing the point of no return if politicians keep sitting on the climate change fence in this US election year! In the summer of 2012, scorching heat and no rain … Continue reading

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The Mighty Tomato vs Monsanto

As with the humble potato, it’s hard to think that such a widely-used food source was once considered deadly poisonous (up until the end of the eighteenth century, physicians warned against eating tomatoes, fearing they caused not only appendicitis but … Continue reading

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