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A Mediterranean Diet Can Cut Heart Attacks by 30%

My good friend Mnem Osyne sent me this article a couple of days ago (which you must read). A fellow foodie, she reminds all health aficionados who have known this from time immemorial: a generous splash of a good extra … Continue reading

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Tales from the Larder: Pleasant Persian Surprises

Many food writers seem to neglect Persian food (well, except this guy here, written some time ago under my not so clever handle, Asinus Asinum Fricat, originally a piece for Daily Kos) and I would surmise that because it is … Continue reading

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Meanderings on Supermarket Duping, Reading Labels and Eating Simply

By now you will all have heard about the “horse meat” scandal still unfurling all over Europe. Though there is nothing wrong with horse meat (in fact it’s leaner, sweeter, tender, low in fat and higher in protein than beef) … Continue reading

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Cannelloni Exposed

When my youngest daughter recently asked me to make my smoked duck cannelloni for her 12th birthday dinner I knew I was on a winner! Cannelloni had been, alongside gnocchi, my favorite food as a young buck (with interplanetary ambitions, … Continue reading

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