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Big Oil Still Attempts to Destroy World’s Most Biodiverse Rainforest

I have walked in a few rainforests in my lifetime, mostly in Australia and Indonesia. I would never forget the time I spent trekking through the majestic Kakadu National Park trails and being entranced by the amazingly luscious layers of … Continue reading

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Christmas in Provence: History and Recipes!

In Provence our Christmas season begins on 4th December, the day of St. Barbe (yes, we do have a Saint named Barbe, nothing to do with a beard though), with the ritual sowing of wheat and lentils on shallowdishes to … Continue reading

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On Strangely Esoteric & Exotic Foodstuffs….

Having lived on three continents and visited the other two, during my travels I have come across some strange chow upon my plate. This is not going to have recipes but rather a recollection of some of what is now … Continue reading

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Italian Delights

I love Italian food. Perhaps it’s because my great-great grandfather came from the Piedmont area, perhaps I just love to eat. It’s hard to select particular dishes from the Italian repertoire as their cooking is incredibly regionalized so don’t be … Continue reading

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The Delicious World of Potato Gratins

At its simplest, a gratin is merely thickly sliced potatoes, whole milk (or cream, even double, if you wish) and a few dollops of butter nicely spread on top, then oven! Add herbs or spices or both, and a handful … Continue reading

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Foraging: Living Off the Fat of the Land

Noun 1. foraging – the act of searching for food and provisions. The prices of staple foods such as rice & wheat could stay high for the next three years, hindering the battle against poverty, a top World Bank official … Continue reading

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