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How to Live Longer

Despite the fact that we (French) eat richly creamed and buttered sauces, full fat cheeses and consume tons of croissants and other assorted pastries and cakes, we have low rates of heart disease despite a penchant for these artery-clogging goodies. … Continue reading

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The Divine World of Potato Gratins

As winter is being felt, hot potato dishes are a must in today’s times of austerity. The humble potato can be easily turned into a world class potato gratin with little money spent. All you need is a good slicer, … Continue reading

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Feel Good Foods for the Brains & Body

I’d like to share some of the healthiest trends available: since I have collected a number of email alerts over the last few years from various health sources, I have now sorted most of them out into a small, neat … Continue reading

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