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The Ever-Looming Water Crisis: It’s Not Going Away, You Know!

In this US election year, oddly enough, not many politicians, if any, are paying attention to the incoming water crisis. Think about this: water is the essence of life, sustaining every single being on this planet and without it there … Continue reading

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Health on Your Table: Eating by Colors

I’m certain you remember these words: “eat your greens!” Well, you should add all the colors from the rainbow then some. While most of us have known this for some time, take a look at this pdf on Phytonutrients which … Continue reading

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Another Odd Couple: Gruyère & Goat Cheese

I love cheese! A few weeks ago I posted The Odd Couple: Roquefort and Brie. Today is the turn of another two. According to both historical resources and common sense, it is understood that the first cheese was perhaps made … Continue reading

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What Happens around New Year’s Eve

As I attempted to grow a goatee and look somewhat respectable for a minute, my impish daughter suggested I dye it blue, for fun. She did the job, and after a shower to wash the surplus dye, it stated to … Continue reading

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The Amazing Wonders of Garlic, plus Recipes!

“I’ve got information man! New shit has come to light!” as the Dude iterates in the seminal “The Big Lebowski”. Well, new research on the properties of garlic has come to light and as your grandmother kept saying throughout your … Continue reading

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