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Some Like It Hot

My earliest memory of chili heat was when I inadvertently dipped a slice of bread into what I thought was some kind of tomato relish: I gasped for air for nearly an hour, drinking vast amounts of liquids (stupidly, see … Continue reading

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Filling Sandwiches for Activists

The OWS movement is gaining traction in almost every country save for the usual repressive regimes, and Canada (too damn nice!) I am incredibly encouraged, as you are, about this new kind of revolution and some of us DFH are … Continue reading

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How to Make the Perfect Couscous

Reading the august Le Monde the other day, I noticed a small article buried in the middle titled France’s most popular dish, the fabled couscous! Apparently its popularity is such that it has become the number one dish served in … Continue reading

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Ireland’s worst kept secret: my neck of the woods!

Now that TripAdvisor spilled the beans last year about our sleepy village, the secret is out in the open. Below is a pic of the fabled Inch beach where that very long shot of “Ryan’s Daughter” was taken. Mind you, … Continue reading

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