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Rosemary, the Mistress of Herbs

On a perfectly sunny winter afternoon there I was riding my bicycle, engrossed in impure thoughts and going downhill at great speed. Suddenly around the corner, fate, in the person of Father Marchand who was also riding his bicycle on … Continue reading

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Thyme is on my Side

We all have our favorite herbs. Personally I could not imagine a world without Thyme. Being a son of Provence, one of my earliest childhood memory is running through scented hills covered in wild thyme (something to avoid in spring … Continue reading

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The World of Infinitesimal Bites: Tapas

Barcelona happens to be my favorite city for a number of reasons (though Paris, not the idiotic girl, comes a close second). I love its architecture, the energetic Catalan people, the wondrous food, the pungent wines, and above all I … Continue reading

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Cassoulet in all of its Glory

Now that we’re inching towards colder nights, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and learn how to make this amazing dish. My earliest memory of cassoulet was when one the chefs in the family hotel declared that there was … Continue reading

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The Majestic & Powerful Mustard

“La moutarde me monte au nez!”, roughly translated it means, “that mustard is going up my nose.” I knew exactly what this meant, aged 5, when I (innocently) dipped two fingers into a gigantic jar of mustard while horsing around … Continue reading

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Vinegar, the Prince of Sour, at Your Service!

The word vinegar comes from the French vin aigre, literally meaning sour wine. Chefs (and just about every household) use vinegar to deglaze skillets & pans, marinate meats, add tang to vinaigrettes, sauces, and pickle all kinds of vegetables. It … Continue reading

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My Favorite Vegetarian Recipes

Vegetarianism can be adopted for different reasons: in addition to ethical reasons (we all have some), motivations for vegetarianism include health, religious, political, environmental, cultural, aesthetic or economic. Personally I strive to eat less meat and more vegetables! Having said … Continue reading

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Cookbooks, a Love Affair

As soon as I could read, my nose would be buried into either the Larousse Gastronomique (more on that below) or stories about the early American pioneers. I was not fond of comics, I much preferred words and since it … Continue reading

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The King of All Spices: the Mighty Peppercorn

Pepper is undeniably the top dog in the spice world as history tells us that not only it adds  a subtle fire in our dishes it is also an invaluable commodity and was often used as payment throughout the ages. … Continue reading

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First World Food Imports Threaten Global Water Supplies

Currently, 70% of fresh water supplies are used for agriculture, but it is estimated that food production requirements will increase by 40% by 2050, rendering water scarcity a major obstacle to feeding the world. Since dietary habits are rapidly changing … Continue reading

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